What We Do

Rapid and Proficient Consulting with a Consumer Perspective

Efficient performance based on our accumulated, global experience from the plant-based food and drink industry

We provide consultancy and advisory services to organizations that need support in different sectors of their business such as R&D, New Product Development, Enzyme Technology, Process and Plant design, Packaging, Raw Materials, Ingredients & Nutrition and Intellectual Property Rights according to customer needs.

Our innovation is consumer-centric and we take a health-and-sustainability approach to all our innovations. We provide consultancy services to customers in Scandinavia, UK, Central Europe, Asia and Oceania.

Our extensive knowledge covers various processing technologies and raw materials, such as grains and legumes, with a constant focus on health and sustainability.

Customised enzyme blends

We create unique customised enzyme blends for the production of plant-based drinks using a process similar to nature´s malting.

Our Avena range of enzymes is optimised and tailor-made for the healthy oat drink market, ensuring superior taste, texture, functionality and nutritional quality. Our process is designed such as to maintain the valuable soluble fibre of oats, called beta-glucan, thus yielding a healthy drink with outstanding homogeneity and creaminess.

We are hiring

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Example Products

Plant based drinks

Environmentally friendly and healthy dairy alternatives made from grains such as oats, using enzymatic process technology for a smooth taste and beneficial nutritional profile. When you want to keep the healthy beta-glucan of the kernel in the final product

Barista drinks

Our tasty and rich barista drink is made through an organic procedure and contains only the best ingredients.

Yogurt & Ice Cream

With our experience in pre- and probiotics and in product development we can offer you
· Yoghurt -like products that not only taste great but also promote gut health
· Creams that fit perfectly to both food and desserts.

A Food Tech Company

End-to-end advisory for plant-based innovation.

Our facilities guarantee safe, high quality enzyme ingredients for the functional food and drink industry.

In our laboratory facility we perform trials and analyses according to customer needs. Our substantial experience and our access to a vast, global network in the food and beverage space can take a product from the laboratory bench to a successful market introduction.